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The English Tourism Council (ETC), AA and RAC have joined forces in response to customer demand to create one new harmonised overall rating scheme for Guest Accommodation and Hotels, this is described in more detail below. The Jersey Tourist Board (JTB) also uses this system.

The Scottish (STB) and Welsh (WTB) Tourist Boards
Grades have two parts for rating Guest Accommodation. The first part the Star Rating, is for Quality and ranges from 1 to 5 Star where 5 is the highest. The second part designates the type of establishment eg. Bed and Breakfast (B&B), Country House (CH), Farm (F), Guest House (GH), etc.

The Isle of Man (IOMTB) Tourist Board
There are two parts for rating Guest Accommodation. Firstly the range of facilities provided is represented by 'Listed' to 1 through 5 Crowns. Secondly there is a general quality grading eg. Approved (Apprv), or Commended (Comm).

The Guernsey (GTB) Tourist Board
Rates Bed and Breakfasts for quality as grade A (Higher) or Grade B.

The Bord Failte (BF) Irish Tourist Board, and Northern Ireland (NITB) Tourist Board
Both grade Hotels in Stars, 1 to 5 Star. The (BF) also rates Guest Houses in Stars, 1 to 4 Star, whilst the (NITB) rates them as Grade A (higher) and Grade B. Both Tourist Boards inspect Bed and Breakfast accommodation annually and the premises are entitled to show that they have been Approved (Approv).

 The Diamonds - Guest Houses 
The Diamond ratings apply where quality is more important to guests than facilities and services and are used for Guest Accommodation. They are used to rate guest houses.

Clean and comfortable. A full cooked or continental breakfast. Other meals where provided, must be freshly prepared. Clean bed linen, towels and fresh soap. Adequate heating, with hot water available at reasonable times for bathing or showers, at no extra cost. An acceptable overall level of quality and helpful service.
All the above plus a higher level of quality and comfort with greater emphasis on guest care in all areas.
All the above plus a good overall level of quality. Well maintained, practical decor. A good choice of dishes for breakfast. All other meals where provided, will be freshly prepared using quality ingredients. A greater degree of comfort and guest care.
All the above plus a very good level of quality and comfort. A very good degree of guest care and extra attention given to cleanliness and warmth of welcome.
All the above plus an excellent overall level of quality and comfort with ample space and a degree of luxury. A fine quality bed, high quality furniture and interior design. A high proportion of bedrooms with en-suite or private facilities. Other meals where available, made with fresh, seasonal, local ingredients. Excellent levels of guest care.

As a mark of exceptional quality, some establishments have also been awarded either a silver or gold award by the English Tourism Council.

 The Stars - Hotels 

The Star ratings symbolise the level of service, range of facilities and quality of guest care that you can expect to find at Hotels.
High standard of cleanliness. Limited range of facilities and services. Friendly and helpful staff. Restaurant/eating area open to you and your guests for breakfast and dinner. A bar or lounge serving alcohol. 75% of bedrooms with en-suite or private facilities.
All the above plus better equipped and more comfortable accommodation. All bedrooms with en-suite or private facilities and colour TV. A straight forward range of services with a more personal touch. Food and drink is of a slightly higher standard. A lift is normally available.
All the above plus greater quality and a higher standard of services and facilities. Usually larger hotels with more spacious public areas and bedrooms. A more formal style of service. Room service of continental breakfast. Laundry service. Greater attention to quality of food.
All the above plus superior comfort and quality. All bedrooms with en-suite facilities, both bath, shower and WC. More emphasis on quality food and drink. Skilled staff anticipating and responding to needs and requests. Room service of all meals. 24-hour drinks and snacks.
All The above plus luxurious and spacious surroundings. The highest international quality of accommodation, services and a range of other facilities. Professional, attentive, highly trained staff. Superb cuisine. Striking decor. Exceptional comfort. Sophisticated ambience.

Every classified place to stay has a Fire Certificate, where this is required under the Fire Precautions Act, and all carry Public Liability Insurance.