Online Services

UK-BedandBreakfast has been established out of our frustration to find accommodation as we explore the country, sometimes at short notice and often during peak periods. Many of the places we have stayed in have either very little or no Internet presence what so ever, whilst many Hosts have indicated that they would welcome some form of web existence.

Bearing this in mind, our own experiences and those opinions as voiced by our Hosts, we decided to launch our very own site. We aim to make this site and our services quite simply, the best, easy to find, easy to use, easy to navigate, quick and easily affordable.

You will notice from our Advertise page that we can appeal to every budget from our Basic Entry, to a Brochure Entry. For those of you that are new to the Internet or just plain fed up with the service of your existing ISP we will soon be able to offer you the complete service, from Internet access, e-mail facilities that can reflect your business, to a dedicated web site.

We are a small family business based in Halstead, Essex, enthusiastic about our web site, the people that use it and the services available. We hope that over the years, with the increase of Internet use, to become one of the primary players in the UK-BedandBreakfast market. We will do this by offering a service which we hope to become second to none, through our Commitment to Detail and Personal care.

We hope that you enjoy our web site, and hope that it will eventually become your homepage site. We will build on what you need from a site. This is not a static site for merely displaying advertisements as so many others do, we have built the site from scratch and therefore have total control to alter and adapt as we see fit, without being tied to an outside design company. We welcome comments and suggestion from Hosts and guests alike. Tell us what you want, we will see if we can oblige, you are always welcome to contact us, we listen.